Sunday, June 28, 2009

Departure Day

The car is packed...oh boy is it packed. I am a chronic overpacker, but I dont want to be away from home and suddenly find I needed something I didnt bring! I have packed two weeks of picnic lunch groceries in coolers and hampers, clothes for two weeks (shorts, and skirts, and pants and t-shirts and blouses....cant not have a skirt if i feel the need to look all girlie..or not have shorts for a hike in the woods, like a girlscout I am prepared for any clothing happenstance) and shoes..(what if one pair gives me a blister? I need a couple backups, right?) Compters..gotta have them for caching and pillows, never leave home without them! (Bah on hotel pillows!) Books and my kindle and ipods...... and clothes all pressed in garment bags for the memorial service. We have maps and gpses galore, trip fact sheets in a binder folder, tabbed by location that contain attraction and their addresses and prices, restaurants from the travel channel food section, and all kinds of nifty factoids about each stop on our journey, not to mention caching pages for each location, and mapquest directions just in case the multiple gps devices dont work. I dont think I have forgotten anything...which is good...because nothing else would fit!

Rich said last night that it is a good thing we decided not to camp, there wouldnt be room for the tent. OMG...he was right!

We will drive all night....and be in Alexandria Va to spend the night with my godparents tomorrow night. My Dad will be there good to see him before heading off both of us on our separate northern adventures.

So.....sayonara we go into the wild blue yonder! (wondering if it is really blue...probably not..but there better be moose. I am determined to see a moose)

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