Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh! Canada! finally...........

So we got up this morning and had a quick breakfast with Aunt Marcia...I had my usual granola, yogurt and fresh fruit and Rich had toast. Then we were off.

My cousin Mark cautioned about traffic and told us to follow his lead and he would get us around the rush hour traffic. Well, we didnt hit any traffic, but had to do a significant (1 hour) worth of backtracking to get to the Maryland Cache Across America Cache. The cache was in Greenbriar State Park Boonsboro MD, and it was a beautiful park and a beautiful day. We hiked about half a mile around a pond and up into the woods to find the cache. Then a half a mile back to the car. We decided to picnic while we were there. Crabmeat makes a perfect picnic lunch!

As we were packing up and trying to find a trash can, to no avail.....the sky clouded over and in a rare case of perfect timing it started to rain just after we got into the car to head off. It seems...they do not believe in putting trash cans in parks in Maryland. So...we loaded the trash into the car and took it with us to the most amazing convenience store gas station I have ever visited. It was called Sheetz and you could get anything you wanted in there. I think I saw somebody making curry to order in the back I swear! Threw away the trash, got some coffee and then back on the road.
Then driving........ we listened to the kindle read to us... the 5 languages of love. It was a good book, we will finish it up on the way to Quebec. Rich Identified my love language, but he will not committ until he has all of the information at hand, so what his love language is..he will not validate.

and driving.....we played some more name that band with my classic rock playlist of 409 songs

and driving............ I was reading Kafka on the Shore to myself

and driving.....driving driving driving driving....

then after crossing the Susquehana river 3 times (have I impressed on everyone that I have a rather intense dislike of bridges? just sayun) we arrived at the Pennsylvania Cache Across America Cache. I looked out the car window...it was misting, and there was a large hill dead ahead - exactly where the arrow on the GPS was pointing. I looked at Rich and told him I was going to sit this one out. He went off into the woods......then he came back....put on his boots (this is why I didnt go....mud and sliding down the hill...didnt want to do it) and went back into the woods. I dozed and read some more of Kafka on the Shore in my kindle... Finally Rich emerged victorious from the woods. And off we went....more driving...but not for long...it was now supper time and I was hungry and not at all interested in a fast food option. Gotta love a nuvi when it is time to find a restaurant....found a nearby Applebees and they have 2 for $20 so we were all about that. We both had burgers and onion rings and left ready to drive some more.

rain...rain rain...and rainbows were what we saw the last long leg of the drive today.... beautiful country side in upstate New York. We listened to the kindle read us Lucy Maud Montgomery's autobiography. We planned our Niagara day and read and talked about Niagara and Niagara trivia. Then I dozed some more. I awoke to the car careening at breakneck speeds down hairpin turns as we came out of the mountains and down towards Buffalo. "Slow Down!" I would holler and Rich would say " I already did" It was like the movie Groundhog Day with the same conversation playing over and over and over until we were resoundingly on flat ground.

We walked about 1/2 a mile in the dark on the Buffalo riverwalk next to the niagara river. We found the cache (thank god) without incident...unless you call me giggling at Rich with the flashlight from my glove box - pink, hot pink - that you have to pump for electricity to keep it lit.

Back in the car, me taking a deep breath knowing that bridges...big bridges...were in my immediate future. I did prettty well....I didnt scream, or curse, or hyperventilate! We checked into the hotel that will be our home for the next three nights...and here I am blogging. I am glad we have a couple of days relatively 'drive' free! I am looking forward to enjoying Canada Day tomorrow in Canada!

Miles Driven today: 620
Cache total today: 3
Trip Cache total: 6
Song of the Day: Rolling Stones Love is Strong ...didnt know I liked it, but really did. Always good to find a new song you appreciate!

for information about that 'cache' thing I keep talking about, read the following link: http://www.geocaching.com/

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