Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh! Canada Day was Canada Day in Canada. Coincidence that, huh? Them celebrating their country IN their country. Seriously maple leafs everywhere, patriotim and national pride abounding. Made me think about our country which has little national pride anymore. So sad really.

Rich dragged me out of bed at 9am. I was just enjoying that bed so much I didnt want to get up, but once up I was off and running. Fed us both some zuccini muffins and juice, we showered and were off to the races...or racing towards Niagara Falls. When we finally came to a conclusion about where to park the day began with a trip to Starbucks and me enjoying an espresso truffle chocolate coffee...yum-o. Then we headed to the Maid of the Mist and put on our trashbag ponchos for the adventure.

The Falls are awe inspiring, but to be right there at the bottom of them.....the sound, the shaking of the earth from all of that water, the spray, the chill........beyond awe inspiring. It puts things into perspective. All of that Majesty and Wonder..that magnificence....nature wild and untamed... how could the petty difficulties matter in a cosmos of such wonder. I just let every little negative nelly thought go.....and enjoyed the rest of the day feeling my place in the universe..small and meek. (who believes I was meek...raise your hand.........anyone? anyone? dang it..I thought maybe I had somebody fooled)

We went to the Journey behind the falls...another one of those moments where you know your place in the very small. Standing behind the falls, watching all of those gallons of water falling in front of me...such power. Awe inspiring, truly. The Niagara's Fury movie thing...not awe inspiring..most disappointing. Save your money.

We then took the bus to the Sir Adam Beck II Power Generating Station and took a tour of this really awesome hydroelectric power plant. Reminded me that as a country we are stupid not to do more with alternative energy sources. That power plant powers most of Ontario with no waste, no pollution, using just a clean renewable resource - water.

Had a delicious pizza for dinner from a fabulous pizzaria I found on the food network site called Antica Pizzaria. Wood burn oven pizza. We had one with sausage, hot banana peppers and chili peppers. It was spicey and delicious. We then went and found a park bench...I leaned against Rich and read some more of Kafka on the Shore while he people watched and we both waited for the fireworks. Fireworks were a bit of a letdown. I mean..Canada in Canada at Niagara Falls who has fireworks nightly....I sort of thought these fireworks would rise to a level of a nearly religous experience. Nope....just the kind of fireworks I would see at home in Columbus.

Tomorrow we are going to Toronto to see some sights, find some caches and go to the ZOO!

Caches found today: 2
Cache Total: 8

Song of the Day: God Bless the USA by Lea Greenwood. I will feel patriotic even if I am alone doing it!


  1. Wait, wait, wait... no eggplant on your pizza?! Blasphemy!

    Sidenote: Isn't Kafka on the Shore wonderful? I'm reading another book by him right now-- The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. He is quickly gaining as one of my favorite authors.

  2. They didnt have eggplant as a possible topping. That is INDEED blasphemy!

    I am enjoying Kafka on the Shore, but everytime I pick it up we start doing something so I am creeping through it. I prefer devouring a good book whole to nibbling on it like a snack.

    Love you Bekah Boo!