Thursday, July 9, 2009

He used to be Grumpy, lately has been Sleepy, but tonight Sneezy has moved into the hotel room with Happy

Benedryl ...... Benedryl....Benedryl....... I am sure Rich has been chanting that silently with each of the nearly 100 or more sneezes he has sneezed today. He is allergic to Maine, that must be it. No sooner did we re-enter the US than he started to sneeze and hasnt stopped. He even sneezed his seafood salad sub right out his nose and sprayed it all over the table at dinner. He tried to cover his nose with a napkin, the backspray covered his glasses. We both had to laugh, but.... Poor guy.

We did not see a Moose. Maine and Canada tease the motorists with signs.....'Danger Moose Crossing for the next 17 m'. They lie. I looked for hundreds and hundreds of miles for a moose. None to be seen. Last night while we were at dinner a lady at another table was talking about twilight being the best time for moose sightings. We raced from the restaurant and drove up into the hills to try to see a moose. I dont think there are Moose...(or is it Meese) anywhere but the zoo. By this evening Rich would read a moose sighting sign to me, I would snort and return to reading my book.

Speaking of books....if you have not read 'The Life of Pi" it is a must read. It was so compelling and thought provoking!

We found the Cache Across America Maine Cache today, and another cache at the Delorme headquarters. We went in and Rich purchased some mappish kinds of things...and a Delorme cap.

I do not understand the fascination with maps. I know that sometimes it is good to know and plan where you are going, but I love just venturing forth without a plan or direction and exploring and experiencing life. I plan when I must. I plan when I should, but Lord I love those moments where I am not pinned into a direction or a plan. That to me, is Freedom.

We are at a hotel in Concorn Mass tonight. The original plan was to visit Orchard House tomorrow morning before heading to Rich's sister's house for the night. Rich's Dad is still in the hospital, so we are heading there first thing and skipping the rest of the vacation itinerary. Mom's memorial service is on Saturday morning. I do not want to sing, but have been practicing.
I am looking forward to hugging my Dad and my Daughters. As they get older and dont live at home those moments with them become so very special to me.

Ok...time to shut this down for the night......

Song of the Day: 'Better Together' by Jack Johnson

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  1. Merrie, I love Moose (or Meese)! And I've loved reading your blog. Your relationship with Rich is inspiring, and I'm so happy you found each other and continue to be happy so many years later! I know we haven't been in touch in many years, so this blog has been wonderful to get to know you again! I'll be praying for you on Saturday.