Monday, July 6, 2009


The past few days have been all about %'s. % of time left to drive, % of rain expected, % of the trip budget left to spend, % of fear anticipated as the ginormous bridge to PEI looms in my future. Just call me the percentage girl! Being a percentage girl must be better than being an imaginary number, right?

Anyway......We drove for 13 hours yesterday from Cote de St. Anne Beaupre to Brackley Beach on Prince Edward Island. It was dark, so I havent seen anything yet, and we have internet so havent motivated ourselves much. We have been checking mail and looking at facebook. If I could nudge the Birthday Man into the shower, we might get moving. I do hesitate to nudge him on his birthday, if he wants to surf the net, surf he will! I am attempting patience. This is the location I have been looking forward to the most. I grew up loving Lucy Maud Montgomery's 'Anne' books. I cant even tell you how many times I have read them. Over and over and over and over and over. I think I am a great deal like Anne....a bit of a flibbertygibbet who lives in her imagination...adores the people she adores....reviles those who she perceives as cruel....struggles with petty ignorance....and craves reading and learning and exploring new things. Every day is an adventure full of flowery descriptive language. Yep...she is a lot like me. Anyway....I want to see Cavandish (the real Avonlea) and walk through Green Gables, and the Haunted Wood, and the White Way of Delight...and Lovers Lane. Yes, I want to walk through Anne's world of my imagination. I can be patient though. yes I can. really i can....i can :(

So we finished listening to the book the 5 Languages of Love on the drive yesterday, and had a really interesting discussion about which type each of us is. I use 'quality time, quality communication' as my love language. Rich's love language is 'service'. No surprise really, but lots of good suggestions about how we can learn to speak each other's language of love. No matter what, it inspired lots of good conversation.

We drove over so many bridges yesterday. I couldnt even count. As a result, I didnt do my usual car dozing. Too nervous all day, especially knowing the day would end with that massive bridge to PEI.

We stopped for dinner and shared a fisherman's platter. Clams - whole clams - YUM! Everything else was fine, but I had been wanting some clams. In the south they consider clam strips to be clams...I consider that to be battered and fried rubber bands. All of the flavor is in the belly . I dont understand why anybody would want to eat just the 'strip'! I bought a piece of carrot cake, and planned to eat it about an hour prior to the PEI Bridge..hoping it would make me pass out and put me out of the inevitable misery looming in my future. I ate it, in plenty of time for it to have put me to sleep - no such luck. I was too nervous and too worked up to sleep.

So.....the bridge. OMG.......8 miles over ocean. Unlike the bridge over Lake Ponchetrain, which is a long bridge but low to the water, this bridge was high so high up all the way. The whole 8 miles (13 kl) over the Northumberland Strait. It was raining, and the wind was howling and the car was shaking and I was just begging Rich to slow down. I think I did pretty well. I didnt cry, I didnt scream, I didnt hyperventilate. I am sure I was white as a ghost, but after a day of bridge sentitization I think I did pretty well. Rich's opinion on that might differ.

We checked into our hotel and discovered that we have a mini apartment for the price of a hotel room! I wish we were staying a week! We have a living room with a television and vcr dvd combo (they check out movies), a bathroom, a kitchenette, and a separate bedroom. It is very nice. It is also very hot. There is an air conditioner, but I have never been near one that worked quite so poorly. We jumped right into bed last night, but neither of us fell asleep easily because It took so long for the room to cool down.

Up this morning, had breakfast....fruit and granola and peanut butter wheat toast for me....lucky charms and wheat toast for the Birthday Man. Whenever he finishes surfing and showers we will head off. It will be soon I can only hope!

a Prince Edward Island Lobster Supper Seafood Extravaganza is on the menu tonight!!!!!
Then maybe the drive in theatre. We are staying right next to the drive fun is that????? Smiles, remembering the last time I went to the drive in.

So....moving out of the %, very little chance of showers and the likelihood of a good time is high!

Information about 'the bridge'

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