Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lazy days always make me smile.....

Today our sole event was to visit Cape Enrage, fabled to be the best view in Canada, and watch the tide come in. We did both and cuddled, and napped, and read, and blogged, and cached and did nothing but just relax. It has been a great day. I have enjoyed this vacation, but it has been so high paced that it has been nice to just slow down and rest and enjoy for a day. This bed and breakfast is a perfect place to do it. The room is cozy the temperature is perfect and everything is quiet.

Nature is amazing. The owner of the B&B has a bunch of hummingbird feeders outside the window of the breakfast room. I just sat at breakfast watching the tiny tiny...their wings moving so fast your could hardly see them. Dozens of them. What a treat.

I had corn chowder for lunch and Rich had seafood chowder again. He says we might have to come back here just for the chowder. Lobster is the name of dinner and I am going to have it soon - getting hungry.

We did a trip recap today...and both of us agree that Prince Edward Island and Alma have been our two favorite stops on our trip. We plan to return to Prince Edward Island, and would return to the Bay of Fundy as well, but would like to do so on the Nova Scotia side.

off to Lobster!

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